Link Daniel


Link Daniel is the founder and early-stage investor of Network, a virtual dream and brain computer protocol. Network creates neural interface technology and tools for the mind to become free.

Link is an artist, scientist and architect. He is a self-taught programmer and has degrees in financial history, political philosophy and economics. As a researcher, he also studied cryptography, neuroscience and longevity. Link is an investor and builder of early stage tech startups.



- Played Magic the Gathering tournaments and created one of the first German guilds for World of Warcraft

- German Abitur

- Civil servant in Germany following high school

- Analyst at German-American investment firm in New York

- Trader at equity firm on Wall Street

- Investor and self-taught programmer since high school

- Bachelor of Science in Government and History at London School of Economics

- Founded LSE Think Tank Society

- Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Philosophy from Saint Francis College

- Research assistant for Niall Ferguson

- First analyst at macroeconomic and geopolitical advisory firm Greenmantle

- Young Scholar at the Institute for New Economic Thinking created by George Soros

- Internship at United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation

- Part-time fellowship at Columbia Business School

- Co-Founder of The Future Society, a non-profit at intersection of governance and technology

- Graduate student, alumni and fellowship at Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

- Member of Thiel Foundation Summit

- Leader of Tomorrow at St. Gallen Symposium

- Researcher at ProtonMail

- Product Manager at Y Combinator startups

- Researcher at String Labs

- Independent research on cryptography and neuroscience at Stanford

- Managing Director at Network Fund

- Research Director at Neuro Capital

- Founder and Chief Architect of Network